Alberta Motor Vehicle Injury Treatment MVA

In October, 2004, the Alberta government introduced new legislation to deal with minor injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents (MVA). Under the new legislation, if you are injured in an accident and suffer a minor injury (whiplash, neck or back strain, contusion, TMJ issues, dizziness, etc) your treatments will be covered by your automobile insurance regardless of who was at fault.

It is necessary to be assessed by a primary health care provider (physiotherapist, general practitioner or chiropractor) within 10 days of your accident so you can get started on your recovery straight away, and to ensure your claim is processed correctly. These treatments will be billed directly to your insurer with no out of pocket cost to you for up to 90 days following the accident. Continue Reading >>

To know more about legislation dealing with injuries suffered by motor vehicle accidents visit Bonavista Physical Therapy – Calgary Motor Vehicle Injury Treatment MVA
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