Guide to Concussions – Physiotherapy in Calgary

The brain is an extremely sensitive organ and is the control centre of our body.  When reflecting on common injuries resulting from sport or daily activities, injuries occurring to the brain are often overlooked.  Injuries to the brain are extremely common, particularly if you partake in sport, and even more so if you partake in a contact sport.  You don’t need to participate in a sport to cause injury to your brain.  Non-sport related injuries to the brain can occur during activities such as falls or motor vehicle accidents.  Injury to the brain from these or similar causes is termed a concussion.  A concussion in the medical world is considered a mild head injury or mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Due to the injury the brain cannot function the way it normally does. Your ability to perform your normal activities with the same speed, reaction time, and precision as prior to the injury can be significantly altered.

Fortunately the symptoms of a concussion in most cases are temporary and resolve over time.  With each concussion, however, there is a small chance that permanent brain damage can occur, so proper treatment and sound medical advice regarding management of this injury is crucial.

This guide will help you understand:

  •     how the condition develops
  •     how health care professionals diagnose the condition
  •     what treatment approaches are available
  •     what Bonavista Physical Therapy’s approach to rehabilitation is


What is the anatomy of the brain?

The brain is a soft organ that sits in the hard skull for protection. It is cushioned by cerebrospinal fluid that fills in the space between the skull and the brain.  The cerebrospinal fluid acts like packing foam that protects your fragile items from both the sides of the hard moving box itself and from the rapid or sudden motions that the box may endure.

The brain is the control centre for all of the body’s activities. Damaging the brain can alter your ability to perform tasks both mentally and physically. Read More!

For more information about physiotherapy in Calgary for concussion issues visit Bonavista Physical Therapy
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