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X Marks the Spot: A TEDx event in an ancient Greek amphitheater

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The venue that housed TEDxKalamata certainly had some history: held in an ancient amphitheater, this was the first TEDx event in an archaeological site. To be specific, the location was an ancient outdoor ekklesiasterion(assembly hall) in Messene, Greece, that has been used for public gatherings since 369 B.C. At TEDxKalamata, 18 speakers and 50 volunteers gathered in this space to not only channel the past, but to think deeply about the future with the theme “A Brave New World.”

TEDx events have been held on the Great Wall of China, in a replica of the Titanic, on Mount Everest and in a treehouse. This is the incredible diversity of the TEDx ecosystem, which includes dozens of events held across the globe each week. From these events, the TEDx team chooses four favorite talks each week, highlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the global…

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