Complimentary Assessment and Treatment this weekend!

We are looking for patients who have neck pain and/or shoulder blade pain or neck pain and headaches for a weekend course we are hosting for physiotherapists taking the McKenzie “B” course. The course runs Friday September 20-Sunday September 22, 2013.

This is a fabulous opportunity for a person currently experiencing symptoms to receive a COMPLIMENTARY assessment along with complimentary treatment from an expert in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. Patient demonstration is a very important part of the course it shows the McKenzie approach to participants. If you or anyone you know would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please give John Scaplen or Audrey Long a call here at the clinic. (403) 278-0705 or visit


Part Time Receptionist Required

Bonavista Physical Therapy is looking for a PART TIME RECEPTIONIST. This position would be approximately 15 hours per week including 2 evenings until 8:00 pm. Flexibility in hours is an asset as this is a job share position with two other team members. Starting in September, we will require coverage on Saturday mornings as well. Duties include: answering phones, insurance and patient billing, booking appointments, and managing schedules. Successful candidate must be friendly, energetic, and be able to multi task. Customer service is our number one priority. Computer skills are required. If you are interested, please email your resume to: Kari Lambden at ( or fax (403) 271-7623.

Introduction to Lower Back

If you suffer from lower back pain, there is no reason why you do have to banish yourself to the bell tower at Notre Dame a la Quasimodo.  In fact, we have designed this portion of our site with you in mind.

Whether you have lower back pain because of a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, or any other issue that is seriously impairing your outlook on life and your happiness, worry no more.  We aim to provide a solution to you and to your problem, as well as supply information that will help you stay healthy and pain free after your injury is corrected.

After all, there is no reason for you to live life hunched over in pain, there is too much to see, feel and experience when you are able to stand tall.

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Low Back Physiotherapy in Calgary
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X Marks the Spot: A TEDx event in an ancient Greek amphitheater

TED Blog

The venue that housed TEDxKalamata certainly had some history: held in an ancient amphitheater, this was the first TEDx event in an archaeological site. To be specific, the location was an ancient outdoor ekklesiasterion(assembly hall) in Messene, Greece, that has been used for public gatherings since 369 B.C. At TEDxKalamata, 18 speakers and 50 volunteers gathered in this space to not only channel the past, but to think deeply about the future with the theme “A Brave New World.”

TEDx events have been held on the Great Wall of China, in a replica of the Titanic, on Mount Everest and in a treehouse. This is the incredible diversity of the TEDx ecosystem, which includes dozens of events held across the globe each week. From these events, the TEDx team chooses four favorite talks each week, highlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the global…

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Posture and Pain

Have you ever linked posture with pain?  For example, does your back or neck hurt after a long drive?  Do yousuffer frequent headaches?  Do you have rotator cuff problems or frequent tendonitis?  Do you have tennis elbow even though you don’t play tennis?  All of the above problems can be caused or aggravated by poor posture.

Although there are many causes of poor posture, by far the most common causes we see are:

a) poor habits
b) poor physical condition and
c) poor ergonomics.

The problem with bad posture is that over time, a person can become “stuck” in that position. If not corrected, you can get a permanent “hump” in your upper back. Continue here!

How To Manage Severe Tibial Bone Fractures

Physiotherapy in Calgary for Injury Care

Would you like to learn more about the latest options available for surgical treatment of open tibial fractures? This article might answer some of your questions; and don’t forget to make an appointment with your physiotherapist at Bonavista Physical Therapy for your post-op rehab, as indicated by your surgeon.

Orthopedic surgeons will appreciate this article. It is the second part of a two-part series on open tibial shaft fractures. In the first part (published in the January 2010 Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS)), open tibial shaft fractures was introduced as a topic. The focus of the earlier journal was evaluating these fractures and the initial treatment taking care of the open wound.

What is an open tibial shaft fracture? The tibia refers to your shin bone in the lower leg. Open tells us the bone has fractured severely enough to come through the muscle and fascia and out through the skin. With an injury this severe, the jagged edges of the broken bone can cut the soft tissues, nerves, and/or blood vessels causing serious problems. Read More!

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Pilates Therapy

Pilates is a method of mind body exercise which influences core strength and has many health benefits.  Some of the benefits experienced by practicing Pilates exercise include: improved balance and flexibility, improved posture and alignment, developed core strength and stability, increased muscle tone and endurance, stress relief, relief of back pain, enhanced athletic performance, increased body awareness, injury prevention.  Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and is also appropriate to the rehabilitation patient to compliment his /her physiotherapy treatment.  Bonavista Physio offers individual or duet Pilates sessions arranged by appointment, and small group classes such as “Restorative Pilates” and Beginner Pilates.

Restorative Class (8 classes): 2 classes per week (Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 9:55 am) for 4 weeks. Continue Reading!