Acute Injury Care – Physiotherapy in Calgary

Acute Injuries occur suddenly during activities.  Examples of Acute Injuries include sprained ankle, strained back, or fractured hand.

When you have an acute injury there are things you can do to minimize tissue damage, protect from further injury and promote faster recovery.

At Bonavista Physical Therapy we will help you to manage and recover from your injury.

The most important things to do in the first 5 days after injury:

Days 1-2

  •     seek medical help
  •     protect the joint
  •     RICE

Days 3-5

  •     Begin gentle range of motion as advisedby your Bonavista Physical Therapy therapist

Acute Injury Reference Guide
The following is a reference list of common terms and guidelines that we may use at Bonavista Physical Therapy to assist with emergency care for acute injuries.

Acute Injury.  An acute injury is an injury that just happened with a sudden onset such as a sprained ankle, finger or strained back.

For acute injury or during a post-operative period, common braces include:

  •     walking cast
  •     wrist splint
  •     ankle brace
  •     knee brace
  •     finger/toe splints
  •     casts (hard and removable) . . . read more!

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